Aliaa Hassanein, Saudi Arabia

Mighty is the miracle I seek
A soul that oft times feels so weak
My good deed basket looks 
I want to shriek
Everything within my reach 
Focus, you can scale that peak

Jannah, I simply seek

Lina Minani - Age 11
Milton Keynes

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Umma (Mother), My Hero

Umma you are my hero
Compared to you, I will never pass zero
I know you've been through a tough life.
Not just as a mother or even a wife

Umma through all that pain you've given me birth
I know now how you felt for what it's worth
Bringing us up through the good times and bad
I know there were days when we made you mad

Thank you for being our teacher
Preparing us the best you can for our future
Teaching us right from wrong
And the importance of a happy home

Giving us the best grounded foundation
To live in this world full of sinful temptation

To you this may come as a shock
To me you will always be my rock

I love the way you give me hugs
Kiss my head and your gentle nudge
I love you Umma, did and always will
Be grateful to Allah till the earth stands still

Sultana - Milton Keynes, UK

​Mighty Is The Miracle I Seek 

My Marvellous Mother

My mother is the best

She always passes her test

She is better than the rest

She loves all her children especially me
She will be my mother whereever she will be
She cares for me
She cooks for me

And more importantly
She gave birth to me
She is my mother
And I wouldn't want another