Sweet Angels

Angels live in heaven Fluttering in the sky You won't see them down below Because they live in the sky
Oh how I wish to see an angel Way up in the sky It would make my eyes twinkle
And fill with glee I wish to see an angel It would make me happy

JUNE'S WINNER, Lisa Hurd, Aged 9

Winning Children's Poems

A Precious Gift from God

​A smile is what everyone likes
A smile is what makes other people smile
​A smile is a thing, which we need in our life

It’s because without a smile
It's not a complete life
With a smile
It’s a complete life
Filled with happiness and joy

​So friends, I never forget to smile
And I also like to see smiles on everyone
It’s because a smile is a precious gift from God to us
So please don’t forget to smile
​Smile and smile


Be Free

As I feel the breeze against my cheeks
I think to myself,
This is what it’s like to be free
I run down the hill,
The wind in my hair
Not a worry in the world,
Not even a care
When I get to the bottom,
I fall to the ground
I lie on my back
​And gaze all around
And then a thought comes to me​
​What about the people who can never be free?’

What Love Means


Love to me means family,

And people who are close,

The things that make you happy,

Are what really mean the most.


Love always lives within your heart,

And that’s the feeling inside,

That fills you full of happiness,

It’s where your love resides.


Love should mean a lot to you,

From birth ‘till you grow old,

Through all your one and only life,

You should live it right up to gold!

OCTOBER's WINNER Emily Beattie Age 11

Monster in my Head

There is a monster in my head

He only comes out when I'm in bed

He thinks my dreams are his home
And out he comes when I'm alone

I see this monster in my sleep
He's so scary, he makes me weep

When I wake up in the morning
My room is lit

I realise it's only a dream
Isn't it????
         APRIL'S  WINNER: Khalil Qureshi, Aged 9

Little Girls and Bees

Bees buzz in the air

They get in your way

They get in your hair

Little girls run

And little girls flee

So the bee stings their knee

Little girls cry

And the bee flies away

And the bee comes back another day

MAY'S WINNER, Ellen Phelan, Aged 9