"As one poet to another - welcome to a special kind of life! Sending love!"

Wendy Mason, UK

Backbiting and Slander (Read poem:  www.facebook.com/SeemeeHearMe - Echoes):

"Well written poem, Seemee, addressing a very real human trait. If we're continually mindful that we're all connected and all equally children of God, it helps us to think before we speak or act; what affects another also affects ourselves. If we are in tune with our emotions, we will recognise that it doesn't feel good inside to 'back bite and slander'; it is often the reflection of an inner conflict or turmoil that is being projected onto another person or situation. It takes a developed awareness to recognise this, heal first, and filter the words accordingly. To lift another with encouragement and kindness elevates not only the other person but our own spirit also; a win-win situation."

JoAnn Sasson, USA

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"Seemee, your poetry is genuine and inspiring. Lovely."

Patricia McCormick - Global

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Dream On (Poem available www.facebook.com/SeemeeHearMe - Transitions) 

"I love the poem Dream On! "

Samantha Hallas, USA

"Seemee, your poetry is beautiful x"

Graceful Lily, UK