But don't give up your dreams
Whatever they may be
Make adjustments here and there
Re-evaluate where you want to be 
And what you want to achieve
Dream on my friends to reach that dream
You only have to believe 



Transitions 2

Dream On 
Dreams are not only to be fantasised
Indeed some of them are to be realised
You can make your dreams come true
It's in your hands; it's up to you 

Your dreams can become a reality
If you make them a part of who you want to be
If not at this present time
It's not meant to be
As some dreams are only dreams of a dream 
Dream on until you can dream no more
Achieve your life’s ambitions
Aim high, reach for the sky
Be content and satisfied 
You'll clearly recognise
That with all your efforts
At least you tried
To catch those dreams
And make them real

Dream on, dream on, dream on...

​​© Seemee Khan - SeemeeHearMe