A note from the Poet

Poetry to 'Rock your soul' 'The poems and words are echoes from the depth of my soul; they are inspirational reminders to myself first, about what I need to do to get closer to God.  I pray the poems touch your soul and have the effect of gently waking up your soul to recognise the beauty of life itself, and the reality of it being temporary, but with a message of hope for the Hereafter Aameen​​' 

Dear Readers & Poetry Lovers

Thank you for your interest and I hope you find your way around this website and enjoy the different things going on. So far, I have 3 SeemeeHearMe Poetry Collections:

1.'Affairs of the Heart and Soul' which includes most of the poems written throughout 2013 at the start of my 'poetry explosion'. The poems have been described as emphasising faith, humility, gratitude, grace and mercy and will appeal to readers universally from all walks of life

2.'Transitions ' was put together starting with the first poem, 'The Mermaid on the Rocks' (written when I was only twelve years old) and builds on themes outside spirituality e.g dreams, places, and other events in life

3.'Echoes' the most recent collection and includes: 'Plea for Eternity' (posted on the Echoes Collection page), and some controversial themes like 'Backbiting and Slander'. I plan to build this collection with many more interesting themes. The newest poem is: 'Man of Perfection'.

Further collections will include one devoted to children. I want to inspire children to write poetry from a young age and to recognise their souls. 'Poet-A-Manger' is dedicated to 'Young Souls', where children can enter a Poetry Competition, and the winning poem will be posted on the website.

The Poetry Competition is open to Adults and Children (2 Groups = 2 Winners)Winning poems will be posted on the 'All About Poetry' page and children's poems will remain on the website to be read 'Childrens Winning Poems' page 

Please encourage adults and especially children to be creative

and submit a poem. 

Thank you, respect & good wishes


​​Poetry Collections

Once Upon A Poet: My Story

Once Upon A Poet: My storyThree poems in one; Enjoy!www.SeemeeHearMe.co.ukAnd here’s the youtube link for ease:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9WwCfjah3s

Posted by Seemee Khan on Tuesday, 17 November 2015