At the start of Seemee's 'poetry explosion', she questioned God's love for us as humans, and her own ability to love Him back, as He deserved. She had heard that His (God's) love was even greater than the unconditional love we get from our parents. This lead Seemee to her contagious writing of poem after poem, with the first one called  'Unconditional Love'.

While writing her second poem 'Soul Destroying', Seemee says ' was as if my soul was speaking to me, (which it had done many times over the years), but this time I started listening..' 

'Poetry passion came to Seemee later in life, though the talent was present in her childhood, she did not fully recognise it'

'It was through her meeting with Sheikh Abdussalam at Fanar (Islamic Cultural Centre in Doha), that Seemee expressed her desire to share her poetry universally'

Welcome and Thanks


Seemee Khan dedicates her work: "All praises to God, my Creator and Guide, who by His Grace, chose to gift me this talent of listening to the echoes of my soul and communicating this passion to you, in the form of poetry.  May God accept this endeavour from me (and all those involved in piecing together 'SeemeeHearMe' poetry), making it sincere, for His Sake and a means to earn His Pleasure, Aameen"

Thank you everyone for your good wishes

'Seemee initially started writing poetry at the age of twelve, and won a competition for her first poem, 'The Mermaid on the Rocks' She wants to motivate children to write at a young age