Heart &Soul 2

The Straight Path

Bring us back to Qur'aan
Bring us back to true Islam
To the straight path where we belong
The one our soul is depending on

Grant us Your mercy
When we stumble
And when we lose our way
Bring us back to You again
We plead You, we pray

Don't let the seduction of this world
Make us blind to the truth
That we forget our obligation
And we are far away from You

Guide us back to the straight path
The one that leads to You
So we can fulfil our life's journey
And be returned to You

The path of righteousness
The path of light
The path where we will find You
At any time, day or night 

Bring us back to Qur'aan 
For reflection and understanding
Bring us back to Islam
Where we will find our calm
The straight path is where we belong
The one our soul is depending on 

Aameen ​
©Seemee Khan - SeemeeHearMe

What's the Point?

What's the point of a palace
When you don't have solace
A house is not a home
If you still feel alone

Even when it's filled
With family and friends
There's no inner happiness
Something missing I guess

Aimlessly wandering room to room
Thinking you'll find your way
A soul looking for an outlet
Not realising the point yet

The point of truth is
The soul is not at home
And it will keep on wandering
Until it reaches its' true King

The point of return
Is where the soul yearns to be
In the heavenly palace
Its' home of solace

©Seemee Khan - SeemeeHearMe