4. How can we set our country free?

The Bravest Souls I Know


Free-free, We Will Be (Transitions Collection)


4. The way you bravely face your plight
Gives me an overwhelming insight
That I must continue my duty to you
Not forgetting that I'm a part of you
Because your hearts have become mine
My dearest Palestine
I can't let you go
You're the bravest souls I know 

(God bless you Palestine)

 ©Seemee Khan - SeemeeHearMe 

1. I never really knew 

So much about you
Until the fasting time
When your hearts became mine
My dear Palestine
2. And the fasting spirit goes on
Even though Ramadhaan's gone
Because your struggle and determination 
Have been my inspiration 
To look at myself and see
I've been my own worst enemy
It's because of me and my brothers
You're labelled as 'others'
If only we practice according to God's Will
Maybe life would remain peaceful and still
But we continue to disobey
We get carried away
We don't follow the simple commands
And we think God will answer our demands
There's no unity
In our community
We're deranged
And we need to change

3. But you are the bravest souls I know no other
You've lost sisters, brothers and even your mothers
You've cried over the little ones
Being massacred in tonnes
Who've returned to their Lord
Where there's no more discord
For they are in the kindergarten above
Playing with others they truly love

​6. All we have is 'you' and 'we'
And our Lord's security
With our courage & honesty
Our backbone strong and mighty
Standing for democracy
Against the atrocity

7. So join us in our plea

To set our people free
Against inferiority
To gain our equality
And stop this disparity
And return our dignity
Our credibility
​Our humanity

8. Free free
We will be
As the Almighty
​Will decree

9. Free free
We will be
Free free,
We will be

©Seemee Khan - SeemeeHearMe