Miracles of Allah

Miracles are true

Whatever you do

They will always stay the same

And so will its name

Even if you eat a candy cane

But the Quran is the best miracle of all

So don't keep it wrapped up in a shawl

Remember the time when Musa (AS) had a white hand

Like a white glow-in -the-dark wristband

Have you forgotten Ibrahim (AS) when he was put in blazing fire

But he was surely no liar 

All About Poetry

                            Aliyah Abrar 

Miracles of Allah

If you believe 

You can achieve

If you dream

You can be

Try your best

If you try

You will achieve

Many good things in life

Pray to God

And believe in Him

He will help you conquer

All your fears

Help you be a better person

Just if you believe

So if you believe

You can achieve

If you dream

You can be


If You Believe...

Ayaan Raza, Age 7, UK

 Poetry Competition WINNER: Aliyah Abrar UK