Plea for Eternity

Echoes Collection

And as I think of death

I'm scared for a time

Nowhere to run

Nowhere to hide

When we'll be brought back to life, 

Having lived and having died

O' Lord, forgive me when I doubted You

Forgive me when I didn't turn to You
All those sins, all those sins
I'm often reminded of all those things
To be free of sin, I'm trying hard
To better myself and be on my guard
Against the negative forces within
If only I could be rid of those sins

I'm trying my hardest to follow You
And living my life to please You
O' my Lord, pave me the way
So I can reach you in this day
And know that You'll accept my plea
And grant my wish for Eternity

(Forgive us all our sins, Aameen)

©Seemee Khan -SeemeeHearMe        

Keep me confident
Keep me strong
Give me the strength to carry on
Guide me to be close to You
Tell me what I need to do
To earn Your mercy and gratitude
For life is all about pleasing You
Only You can fix me when I'm broken
When I can't figure out what I need to do
When I'm waiting to understand Your Plan
And I know You're the One holding my Hand
At that time of loneliness
When I'm uncertain which way to go
You give me the guarantee
But I have to have faith in Thee
If I question myself truly
You've always been duly