My love

My heartbeat
My thoughts
...are all about you

My actions
My tears
My laughter
...are all for you

You make me love
Love the world
And for that love
...I give all to you

You are dear to me
And close to heart
Even when far
...I love you
©Seemee Khan - SeemeeHearMe 
The Mermaid on the Rocks 

There upon the rocks I saw 
A pretty mermaid up on high
There she sat looking down on shore
I looked right up and gave a sigh

To be like her I'd give the world 
And many hearts I'd break
To not see the waves all being hurled
Would leave me in forsake

Many men would come to me 
And ask me for my hand
But sadly would I turn my head 
And gaze upon the sand

But I will never get that chance
Because she was not real 
So I walk along the sandy shore
With a heart that will not heal 

© Seemee Khan - SeemeeHearMe 
(Poetry Competition Winner at the age of twelve)

Transitions Collection

My Love