My Treasure

The soul has awoken
It finds peace in its realisation
About its Creator

It lures itself to that state
Of thought and contemplation
It finds peace and comfort

The journey has been long 
And it got lost along its way
Until it reached its true purpose

It found its new direction
Which will lead to its eternal resting place
And it's working towards it

Don't confuse your own soul
When it questions its purpose
Give in to its rights over you

Your soul IS your purpose
Fulfil it instinctively 
Go with the flow, 
Where it guides you to go

©Seemee Khan - SeemeeHearMe

Affairs of the Heart &Soul

I became your mother

When you were handed to me
Now it seems a distant past
A short-term loan in reality 

This was Allah's plan
To keep me steadfast and sane
I looked upon you as my treasure
You became my worldly gain

You belong to Allah, like we all do
He had sent you for me to guide
I love you as my own, my child
I take on the role with pleasure and pride

You brought to the surface
With your innocence and love
My motherly instincts
You're a gift from above

Child, I'll always be your mother
Praying and wishing you the best
As you start your own life's journey
Indeed you are blessed

As you become your own person
I know you'll survive 
Allah chose me to raise you
And because of you I'm alive

©Seemee Khan - SeemeeHearMe

The Soul Has Awoken